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This site aims to expose the lies being propagated on the WWW regarding China, especially its human rights record. The intent is not to defend China nor justify any actions taken by the government government. It is simply to highlight how, again and again, we are being lied to about China.

Whether it's about the source of a virus, the characteristics of Chinese society, the human rights record in Xinjiang, the intent of China as a supposed expanionist power, Huawei, border disputes, Hong Kong - the western media lies or creates a completely fabricated view of China or creates propaganda out of otherwise unremarkable events and places.

"China virus"



"concentration camps"

"police state"

"organ harvesting"

"spy technology"

Acknowledgements: Thanks to all those on Twitter who have provided extensive material. I will, eventually, acknowledge you personally here and you will see your material appear within this site.

Disclaimer: I fully fund this project. I do not have to receive funder_id from anyone. I am not a member of any political party. This website is not hosted on any western or Chinese social media platform and is not monetised in any way. I have no affiliation with any media organisation.

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