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In most contexts related to China, media and academic pieces tend to use the term "atrocity" very broadly, with little clarity as to the specific details of its application. If used without significant qualification, this term becomes a somewhat meaningless pejorative to refer to any activity in which people have died, without clarity on the scale or reasons for those deaths. Cautious use with substantial qualification is required for any piece to be considered authoritative.

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  • New Atrocity Consent Manufacturing Propaganda For America`s Next / Post-Afghanistan WarDaniel Dumbrill | As America ramps down their Afghanistan war efforts (on paper) their preparations for the next conflict have been kicked into high-gear. Yesterday`s propaganda won`t cut it which is why we`re seeing innovative new methods to push fear mongering and pro-war propaganda unlike anything we`ve seen before.

    The same kind of lies and deceit are involved this time around, but the recruits and delivery have undergone a makeover. Listen to find out more about what to look at for and how to prepare yourself to see through this new propaganda push.

    In this video I also dig deeper into the specific lies told by the US government`s new propagandist being propped up by their government owned media outlets.

    15 Aug 2021


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  • Assignment Asia Ep 75I`m urging everyone feeling swamped by the massive disinformation campaign on China to watch this 25-min video about the changes happening in Xinjiang. The BBC`s lurid atrocity porn twisted scenes from this doc. Please watch and make up your own minds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07NjqkQAgs8

    04 Mar 2021


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