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Nathan Ruser

According to ASPI, Nathan Ruser has no formal qualifications or recognised expertise in Chinese geopolitics, demographics or anthropology.

His contributions to the Xinjiang issues are as a `researcher`, a title which does not clarify why his opinion should be considered at all. The documents he authors demonstrate a poor understanding of how objective or formal reports should be written.

Judgement: His opinions are irrelevant and not grounded in recognised expertise.

Biographical details

Described as a "Researcher", Ruser`s expertise is apparently in "Satellite data, Open Source intelligence". Open Source Intelligence is a contrived label for the study of publicly available data using quantitative methods. It is popular among intelligence organisations and think tanks. It has been described as "ethical hacking".


Ruser works for ASPI`s International Cyber Policy Centre, on projects such as The Xinjiang Data Project which is "predominantly funded by the US State Department (considered to be synonymous with the CIA) and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK intelligence).

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