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Aaron Mate Aaron Mate is a Canadian journalist and a reporter for The Grayzone. He is a former producer of Democracy Now! and a contributor to The Nation and RealClearPolitics. He hosts the show Pushback with Aaron Maté on The Grayzone.

Adrian Zenz Adrian Zenz (born 1974) is a German anthropologist and sinologist known for his studies of the Xinjiang re-education camps. He is a lecturer in social research methodology at the Evangelical theological institution Akademie fur Weltmission and a senior fellow in China studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.


Barrett, Oli and Lee Videos diving into life in China. From opinion pieces, to food, to tech & infrastructure.

Barrie Host of Best China Info, which he describes as "understanding China, intended to be an informative entertaining and useful vlog of our experience of life in China - usually a whimsical perspective, plus world current affairs. We live and work in China, and have lived and worked all around the world: "7 years now living very happily, safely and free as a man could wish to be in China! Best move I ever made, never regretted a second. I've experienced kindness, hospitality and warmth every day. China is my home and joy. p.s. I am a man who questions things; a man who is no fan of authoritarianism, elitism, injustice, or inhumane treatment of humans or our fellow creatures. I'm very happy living in China. I'm not paid to write this. "

Brian Berletic Brian is a prolific Youtuber, producing content pushing back on US imperialism, focusing on South East Asia and China.


Carl Zha Carl was described as "A Chinese influence op" by a former NYT journo Howard French. He runs a podcast about China and Silk Road: history, culture and politics. Carl is a wealth of knowledge on Chinese history, conducts interviews with a wide variety of people (activists and experts) and provides deep reflections on China and experience as both a Chinese person and an Asian living in a Western country.

Chris Buckley Chris Buckley is the chief China correspondent for the NYT and lived in China for most of the past 30 years after growing up in Sydney, Australia. Before joining The Times in 2012, he was a correspondent in Beijing for Reuters.


Daniel Dumbrill Daniel Dumbrill is a prolific Youtuber and Tweeter with a substantial following. Originally vlogging on his experiences living in China as a Canadian, recently Daniel has received wide attention for his push back on anti-China propaganda. His body of work is substantial.

David Brophy David Brophy studies the social and political history of China northwest, particularly the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and its connections with the Islamic and Russian/Soviet worlds. Finishing his PhD in 2011, he spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Australian Centre on China in the World, at the Australian National University, before going to the University of Sydney in 2013. es.

Dr Dan Steinbock Dr Dan Steinbock is the founder of Difference Group and has served as research director at the India, China and America Institute (USA) and visiting fellow at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (China) and the EU Center (Singapore).




Global Times The Global Times is a daily tabloid newspaper under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party`s flagship newspaper, the People`s Daily, commenting on international issues from a Chinese ultra-nationalistic perspective.




James Leibold James Leibold researches politics of ethnicity, race and national identity in modern Chinese history and society, and is currently engaged in research on ethnic policy-making and ethnic conflict in contemporary China with a particular focus on the restive Western frontier and its Tibetan and Uyghur ethnic minorities. He is the author and co-editor of four books and over twenty-five peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and a frequent contributor to the international media on these topics. "

Jerry Grey Not a "tool of the CCP Propaganda Machine" or "Mouthpiece for the CPC". A cyclist who sees China as it is. Seen on CGTN/People`s Daily/GDToday and TouTiao


Kathleen E. McLaughlin Kathleen E. McLaughlin is an American journalist who has been based in China for more than a decade. She has covered everything from labor abuses to politics, economics and social upheaval in China. A former political reporter in the United States, her work from Asia has appeared in a broad variety of media outlets including the PBS NewsHour, the Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle and Foreign Policy, among others.


Li Jingjing On her YouTube channel, Jingjing describes herself as a traveler, a diver, a story-teller, a journalist and a Chinese. She invites you join her journey as she travels around the world.


Matt Matt's channel, Jayoe, is described as "Hi! I'm Matt. Years ago I decided to leave my normal life behind and pursue a new life. A new life of travel, adventure and a path that will lead me from China to the USA aboard a recumbent human powered trike. Along the way I am checking off my bucket list, meeting amazing people and seeing fantastic places. And I am sharing it with you. This channel is dedicated to sharing my world with you. The highs, the lows and everything in between! JaYoe is a Chinese phrase meaning "to add fuel". That is what I am doing, " Adding Fuel" to my life in the form of travel and adventure. It is my hope that my videos inspire you to add a little fuel to your life as well.

Michael Clarke Michael Clarke describes himself as an experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Lecturing, Academic Writing, Policy Analysis, Social Sciences, and Research. Strong research professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Asian History and International Relations from Griffith University.


Nathan Ruser Described as a "Researcher", Ruser`s expertise is apparently in "Satellite data, Open Source intelligence". Open Source Intelligence is a contrived label for the study of publicly available data using quantitative methods. It is popular among intelligence organisations and think tanks. It has been described as "ethical hacking".

numuves A Canadian, who briefly dabbled in political YouTube videos before heading off to Asia to teach and travel.