Tissue of lies - Inflection Ep 19: Taiwan & “Independence” - a dangerous delusion

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Inflection Ep 19: Taiwan & “Independence” - a dangerous delusion


Brian Berletic | 30 Nov -0001 | Funding source unknown
The New Atlas | Inflection EP19: Taiwan & Independence? - a dangerous delusion?





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ABC | Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong speaks on the relationship between China and Australia | 7.30 Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong speaks on the relationship between China and Australia | 7.30

Aggressively anti-China questioning by Sarah Ferguson

12 Nov 2022

Australian Languages Teacher Discusses the ABC Media & Anti-China Propaganda Today a long time online-friend who has taken an interest in breaking down the languages and methods used by the mainstream media in Australia to manipulate people with carefully crafted emotionally charged language joins me for a discussion on the media climate in his country.

10 Nov 2022

China-pilled 1 minute humorous view of US-China.

10 Nov 2022

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Americas Populists Join in on Anti-China War Propaganda When consensus for war is reached on the left and right of American politics, the march toward inevitable war is rarely stopped. Watching Breaking Points - what many might have believed was `progressive left` in the United States - invite an adjunct fellow at an arms/oil/banking-funded think tank on to sell war with China is a warning sign of just how dangerously close the US is to reaching that `consensus`.

11 Nov 2022

Anti-China shill busters hide from actually busting supposed shills The self-proclaimed `shill buster`? Lewis Hand has vowed he was just getting started on exposing The New Atlas. When I challenged him to a debate, he and fellow racist anti-China YouTuber Winston Sterzel debated with me at length as to why they will never debate me

11 Nov 2022

AP News Confirms NO Uyghur Genocide in Xinjiang China AP`s recent trip to Xinjiang, China has revealed not only zero evidence of `cultural genocide` but has exposed the lies the Western media (including AP) have told international audiences for years about the conditions in Xinjiang and the treatment of the Uyghur people. Depending on the public`s ignorance and providing links AP is confident readers will not click on, explore, and discover the contradictions they present to their narrative, AP attempts to backpedal Western narratives to depict the peace and progress they witnessed in Xinjiang as an artificial facade for `invisible` oppression.

11 Nov 2022

AUKUS US-funded think tank pumps out new Xinjiang genocide lies ASPI latest anti-China propaganda is an attempt to layer over unsubstantiated claims of �genocide� in Xinjiang with publicly available information regarding Chinese governance and policing.

Brian Berletic exposes an ASPI propaganda technique, using a flawed or dishonest lens to view information that is readily available on the Internet.

11 Nov 2022

Inflection Ep 17: AUKUS - US plans for war with China Inflection EP17: US Plans for War with China Week of September 20-24, 2021 This week we discuss the roll out of “AUKUS” and how it fits into long-standing plans to encircle and contain China as well as set the stage for what US war planners call a limited conflict with China aimed at destroying its economy, setting it and Asia back decades, and ensuring Western hegemony for years to come.

20 Sep 2021

Inflection Ep16: Taiwan as America`s battering ram vs. China This week we talk about Taiwan, the Mainland, and how the US withdrawal from Afghanistan bodes for the government in Taipei. We also discuss the recent `declaration of war` by the US-backed parallel government in Myanmar - the `National Unity Government` and how this conflict continues inching toward a Libya-style scenario.

Interview with Angelo Giuliano

11 Nov 2022

The New Atlas Report The New Atlas Report | Vlog

12 Nov 2022

US War Propaganda vs China & the War it Seeks to Start (w/Daniel Dumbrill) Daniel Dumbrill and Brian Berletic discuss the troubling escalation of anti-China propaganda, how it appears to fit into a general steering of the public toward a potential war with China, and how US policymakers and war planners have extensively prepared for a limited conflict aimed not at military conquest, but of China`s economic ruination.

11 Nov 2022