Tissue of lies - Drew Pavlou reveals his ignorance of Hukou system

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Drew Pavlou reveals his ignorance of Hukou system


Drew Pavlou | 12 Nov 2022 | Funding source unknown
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Daniel Dumbrill unveils the story behind a Uyghur man that IPAC is trying to prevent from being extradited to China How many names does he have? Why didn`t an IPAC country accept him from Turkey if he felt unsafe there? Was it because he was arrested multiple times? Or it wouldn`t have been as useful enough a story? What was he arrested for? Why aren`t you taking more Uyghurs from Turkey then?

12 Nov 2022

Full Interview about Xinjiang issues with Isobel Cockerell Carl Zha | Full interview with Isobel Cockerell, a journalist from Coda story.

She wanted to talk to me about Uyghur situation in Xinjiang and my response to the allegations that I work for Chinese Propaganda and Influence Operation. I talked about my background and my takes. Topics: Origin Story, Turkish Coup, Terrorist Attacks All across China outside of Xinjang

08 Aug 2020

Silk and Steel Podcast Ep 71: Biking to Xinjiang with Jerry Grey Carl Zha | interviews Jerry Grey, an Australian living in China.

Talking about: How You Came to China, Why Are We So Afraid of China, The Vietnam War, Restriction on Foreigners Going to Xinjiang

10 Nov 2020

Silk and Steel Podcast: Xinjiang and US anti-China policy Carl Zha | We discuss link between Xinjiang and Syrian War and US anti-China policy

10 Nov 2022

The Karakax List: Dissecting the Anatomy of Beijing’s Internment Drive in Xinjiang The “Karakax List”, named after the county of Karakax (Qaraqash) in Hotan Prefecture, represents the most recent leaked government document from Xinjiang. Over 137 pages, 667 data rows and the personal details of over 3,000 Uyghurs, this remarkable document presents the strongest evidence to date that Beijing is actively persecuting and punishing normal practices of traditional religious beliefs, in direct violation of its own constitution.

17 Feb 2020

Thoroughly reforming them towards a healthy heart attitude: China`s political re-education campaign in Xinjiang Zenz describes this as:
Since spring 2017, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China has witnessed the emergence of an unprecedented re-education campaign. According to media and informant reports, untold thousands of Uyghurs and other Muslims have been and are being detained in clandestine political re-education facilities, with major implications for society, local economies and ethnic relations.

Considering that the Chinese state is currently denying the very existence of these facilities, this paper investigates publicly available evidence from official sources, including government websites, media reports and other Chinese internet sources.

First, it briefly charts the history and present context of political re-education. Second, it looks at the recent evolution of re-education in Xinjiang in the context of `de-extremification` work. Finally, it evaluates detailed empirical evidence pertaining to the present re-education drive. With Xinjiang as the `core hub` of the Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing appears determined to pursue a definitive solution to the Uyghur question.

Claims regarding Xinjiang re-education centres based on media and personal testimony of Uyghur activists.

05 Sep 2018

Thread | hard2decide | Grievance aired by guy who claimed to be a financial supporter of the Uyghur Tribunal kangaroo court. Grievance aired by guy who claimed to be a financial supporter of the Uyghur Tribunal kangaroo court. He`s not happy that "Scholars" like Nathan Ruser got paid so much. Wang Leizhan`s appearance fee is much higher than the Uyghurs. So unfair to the Uyghurs!

22 Nov 2022

Thread | MotulX22 | Tweets on UN report release time Checkout the release time of this tweet. If we assume it was roughly simultaneously released with the report, then the report was released at 6.20pm US EST on 31 August in New York, i.e. after COB and technically after Bachelet’s term ended.

04 Sep 2022

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