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Anti-China Propaganda generally

Belt and Road Initiative - general

Belt and Road Initiative myths - debt trap, etc

China - History

China - History - Modern era post Mao

China - History before Mao

China - Supposed military threat

China on the rise - Technology

Chinese government - alleged persecution fo Falun Gong

Chinese government - supposed censorship

Chinese government - supposedly repressive policies (general)

Chinese government handling of COVID19 virus - Laboratory virus theory

Global politics - The New Cold War

Media - 60 Minutes propaganda

Media - ABC propaganda

Media - Anti-China journalists

Media - BBC propaganda

Media - Negative China story (various)

Media - Positive China story (various)

Media - Push back influencers

Media - Western media

Media - Western media hypocrisy

Propaganda techniques


Social media - Agents who smear China

Social media - Defaming those who speak out against propaganda

Supposed repressive activity - Surveillance

The New Cold War - Hong Kong

The New Cold War - Taiwan

The New Cold War - Tibet

Think tanks - ASPI (Australian Strategic Policy Institute)

Tibet - History

US imperialism

US-China technology competition

Western media perspectives on communist countries

Xinjiang - alleged concentration camps

Xinjiang - alleged genocide

Xinjiang - alleged settler colonialism

Xinjiang - alleged slave forced labour

Xinjiang - alleged sterilisation

Xinjiang - Boycott of products

Xinjiang - East Turkistan Independence Movement

Xinjiang - Extremism, terrorism and deradicalisation

Xinjiang - Positive perspectives from locals

Xinjiang - Uighur testimonies

Publications by author


Adrian Zenz


Albert Zhang

Alice Su

Andrew Westerman

Antoine Bondaz

Arnaud Bertrand

Arslan Hidayat

Associated Press (AP)



Ben Norton

Ben Packham

Benedict Rogers

Bill Birtles

Brian Berletic


Carl Zha


China Daily


Chinese Ambassador to India

CJ Werleman

Clare Daly

Dake Kang

Daniel Dumbrill

David Rennie

Deborah Bräutigam

Dr Asatar Bair

Dr Dan Steinbock

Drew Pavlou


Hubei Peasant

Jerry Grey

Nathan Ruser

Tim from Timcast IRL


Vicky Xiuzhong Xu

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