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Anti-China shill busters hide from actually busting supposed shills

Brian Berletic | 30 Nov -0001 | Patreon
Anti-China Shill Busters Hide from Actually Busting Supposed Shills

The self-proclaimed “shill buster”? Lewis Hand has vowed he was just getting started on exposing The New Atlas. When I challenged him to a debate, he and fellow racist anti-China YouTuber Winston Sterzel debated with me at length as to why they will never debate me

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China Hate Racist Youtuber Update - A followup on Laowhy86 & SerpentZa Daniel Dumbrill | In this video I provide an update on the two racist Youtubers I featured on my channel a few weeks ago. They`ve upped their game and put out even more ridiculous fabricated content.

13 Jul 2021

Daniel Dumbrill responds to Jordan Harbinger support for Laowhy86 Sept 2010, Matthew Tye (@laowhy86) dug up & desecrated human remains, some still wearing jewelery, from simply marked graves in Kenting, Taiwan. On his blog, he said he kept it as his secret. 5 years later he reflected, saying it wasn`t big deal because they were just poor locals.

This is who Jordan Harbinger is supporting

24 Dec 2021

Subboor`s Escape Plan & Winston Sterzel`s response/reaction In this video I provide a quick update on the debate I was supposed to have with Subboor plus some reactions from Winston Sterzel (SerpentZA) on my last video about his racist views.

03 Jun 2021

White Supremacists boosted by YouTube to spread Asian hate Daniel Dumbrill | Asian Hate crimes are on the rise around the world, as we begin to understand the kinds of hate speech that play into and encourage these terrible crimes, YouTubers like Winston Sterzel (SerpentZA) and Matthew Tye (Laowhy86) continue to to push their propaganda designed to convince you that China and it`s people are inferior to the West. These are the exact kind of foundational dehumanising efforts that clear a pathway for these conflicts to happen. Dehumanizing the Enemy is something that is used over and over as a tool to promote conflict and Dehumanizing always starts with language.

Combined across their channels, Winston and Matt have over 1.8 million subscribers. In this video I want to show you the kinds of things they push out to their audiences.

02 Jun 2021

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Americas Populists Join in on Anti-China War Propaganda Brian Berletic | When consensus for war is reached on the left and right of American politics, the march toward inevitable war is rarely stopped. Watching Breaking Points - what many might have believed was “progressive left” in the United States - invite an adjunct fellow at an arms/oil/banking-funded think tank on to sell war with China is a warning sign of just how dangerously close the US is to reaching that “consensus.”

17 Oct 2021

AP News Confirms NO Uyghur Genocide in Xinjiang China Brian Berletic | AP’s recent trip to Xinjiang, China has revealed not only zero evidence of “cultural genocide” but has exposed the lies the Western media (including AP) have told international audiences for years about the conditions in Xinjiang and the treatment of the Uyghur people. Depending on the public’s ignorance and providing links AP is confident readers will not click on, explore, and discover the contradictions they present to their narrative, AP attempts to backpedal Western narratives to depict the peace and progress they witnessed in Xinjiang as an facade for “invisible” oppression.

17 Oct 2021

AUKUS US-funded think tank pumps out new Xinjiang genocide lies ASPI latest anti-China propaganda is an attempt to layer over unsubstantiated claims of “genocide” in Xinjiang with publicly available information regarding Chinese governance and policing.

Brian Berletic exposes an ASPI propaganda technique of using a flawed or dishonest lens to view information that is readily available on the Internet.

30 Nov -0001

China vs Taiwan? Australia`s Dangerous War Propaganda Brian Berletic | Australia’s media is in overdrive producing dangerous war propaganda priming the public for war with China. In this Sky News Australia “Mcgregor Angle” segment, every single point made in the introduction is a blatant lie contradicting both Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense and the Australian government’s own official statements and policies.

10 Oct 2021

CNN Accidentally Busts Xinjiang Genocide Lies Brian Berletic | CNN admits it cannot independently verify an alleged former Chinese police officer who claims to have partaken in interrogations involving torture and witnessing sexual abuse in China’s Xinjiang region against its Uyghur population. However, CNN could have easily cross referenced his spoken and written statements from June 7, 2021 as part of the so-called “Uyghur Tribunal” where he completely contradicts the claims he made to CNN.

Worse still, CNN never mentions that the alleged former police officer and others they interviewed took part in the tribunal, or that the tribunal even took place…

07 Oct 2021

Inflection Ep16: Taiwan as America’s battering ram vs. China This week we talk about Taiwan, the Mainland, and how the US withdrawal from Afghanistan bodes for the government in Taipei.

We also discuss the recent “declaration of war” by the US-backed parallel government in Myanmar - the “National Unity Government” and how this conflict continues inching toward a Libya-style scenario.

Interview with Angelo Giuliano

30 Nov -0001

Laowhy86: The Man Who Moved China It is becoming increasingly easy for many to see through Western propaganda but it is also important to be able to break it down for others - who are still fooled by it - to understand and see through it too. Toward that end, I have watched Matthew Tye’s humbly-titled video: “I forced China to Change its Propaganda” and deconstruct the leaning shack of lies he attempted to build.

04 Oct 2021

US Marines in Taiwan: A De Facto US Occupation of Chinese Territory Brian Berletic |The Western media has “revealed” that US troops have been in Taiwan for over a year, secretly, and only being revealed now. In reality, this was already reported on a year ago - and also denied by the Pentagon - only to be finally confirmed a year later.

I explain how the Pentagon’s denial last year reveals just how provocative and dangerous this move by the US is and how it represents a de facto invasion and occupation of Chinese territory - according to the US State Department’s own stance regarding Taiwan within the “One China Policy.”

08 Oct 2021

US War Propaganda vs China & the War it Seeks to Start with Daniel Dumbrill Daniel Dumbrill and Brian Berletic discuss the troubling escalation of anti-China propaganda, how it appears to fit into a general steering of the public toward a potential war with China, and how US policymakers and war planners have extensively prepared for a limited conflict aimed not at military conquest, but of China’s economic ruination.

30 Nov -0001

Uyghur Tribunal: US-Funded Theater Attacking China The so-called “Uyghur Tribunal” is portrayed by the Western media as an “independent” “people’s tribunal.” In reality, the main organizations initiating it, funding it, and facilitating it are funded by the US government primarily through the National Endowment for Democracy. Those “testifying” come from a regular troupe of “activists” paraded around by the US government for years.

If a real “genocide” was taking place in Xinjiang involving millions of people, why is it that this tribunal relies on this small network of US-funded fronts instead of tapping into what should be an endless supply of witnesses and actual, tangible evidence?

30 Nov -0001