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Daniel Dumbrill challenges Kerry Allen to explain how she dismisses changes in testimonies

Daniel Dumbrill | 30 Nov -0001 | Self-funded
Daniel challenges Kerry Allen to explain how she dismisses changes in testimonies

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Uyghur Tribunal: US-Funded Theater Attacking China The so-called “Uyghur Tribunal” is portrayed by the Western media as an “independent” “people’s tribunal.” In reality, the main organizations initiating it, funding it, and facilitating it are funded by the US government primarily through the National Endowment for Democracy. Those “testifying” come from a regular troupe of “activists” paraded around by the US government for years.

If a real “genocide” was taking place in Xinjiang involving millions of people, why is it that this tribunal relies on this small network of US-funded fronts instead of tapping into what should be an endless supply of witnesses and actual, tangible evidence?

30 Nov -0001

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A Conversation wtih Brian Berletic (ex US Marine Corps) on American Empire & Fighting Global Propaganda Daniel Dumbrill | Today Brian Berletic from The New Atlas to discuss what he does, why he does it and the climate of global propaganda and Americas attempt to retain global hegemony & preserve their empire.

10 Sep 2021

Alex Rubinstein Infiltrates Washington DC Daniel Dumbrill | In this episode I speak with Investigative Journalist Alex Rubinstein on his recent journey into the depths of a bizarre religious freedom summit in Washington DC where religious groups and cults of all types are weaponized in the name of American foreign policy.


23 Aug 2021

AUKUS: Australia-UK-US War Alliance Against China In this video Brian Berletic and Daniel Dumbrill discuss the AUKUS (Australia-UK-US) alliance against China.

19 Sep 2021

Australian Languages Teacher Discusses the ABC Media & Anti-China Propaganda Daniel Dumbrill | Today a long time online-friend who has taken an interest in breaking down the languages and methods used by the mainstream media in Australia to manipulate people with carefully crafted emotionally charged language joins me for a discussion on the media climate in his country.

09 Sep 2021

Australian Puppets of American Empire Expose Themselves Daniel Dumbrill | In this video we dig into a revealing little slip up that helped solidify how artificial the anti-China rhetoric in Australia really is and how the pro-war rhetoric has created an environment where the anti-china sentiment is being used as a weapon against other Australian citizens.

Daniel and Robbie reveal the war mongering in the Australian setting. Article - The China Narrative, Part One: War-machine propaganda: https://citizensparty.org.au/china-narrative-part-one-war-machine-propaganda Article - The China Narrative, Part Five: All roads lead to ASIO: https://citizensparty.org.au/china-narrative-part-five-all-roads-lead-asio Video - CITIZENS INSIGHT – The foreign interference pushing Australia to war with China – Melissa Harrison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN_O3xchNCI Tweet of James Paterson confirming that he works with the intelligence community and Australian MSM legitimizing/celebrating the idea of the "Wolf Pack" rather than examining how problematic it is: https://twitter.com/SenPaterson/status/1446633556365611009?s=20

13 Oct 2021

Australian Warmongering: Rex Patrick, ASPI & Xinjiang - A Discussion with Robbie Barwick - Part 2 Daniel Dumbrill | Join Robert Barwick (Australian Citizen`s Party Research Director) and myself for part 1 of a casual conversation about the growing anti-China propaganda in Australia. We discuss Rex Patrick, ASPI, the Xinjiang Uyghur genocide narrative and other pro-war pro-aggression voices destroying Australia and bringing it closer to war.

08 Aug 2021

Australian Warmongering: Rex Patrick, ASPI & Xinjiang - A Discussion with Robbie Barwick Join Robert Barwick (Australian Citizen`s Party Research Director) and myself for part 1 of a casual conversation about the growing anti-China propaganda in Australia. We discuss Rex Patrick, ASPI, the Xinjiang Uyghur genocide narrative and other pro-war pro-aggression voices destroying Australia and bringing it closer to war.

08 Aug 2021

Canada Files - Aidan Jonah on Imperialism Daniel Dumbrill | In today`s show I talk to Aidan Jonah from the Canada Files about Canadian Imperialism, American Imperialism, American Propaganda & Interference in Canada, China (Xinjiang & Tibet).

Links for Aidan/Canada Files: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOVvjazkEU0S3UqGnFXkDOA

25 Aug 2021

China Hate Racist Youtuber Update - A followup on Laowhy86 & SerpentZa Daniel Dumbrill | In this video I provide an update on the two racist Youtubers I featured on my channel a few weeks ago. They`ve upped their game and put out even more ridiculous fabricated content.

13 Jul 2021

Daniel Dumbrill responds to Jordan Harbinger support for Laowhy86 Sept 2010, Matthew Tye (@laowhy86) dug up & desecrated human remains, some still wearing jewelery, from simply marked graves in Kenting, Taiwan. On his blog, he said he kept it as his secret. 5 years later he reflected, saying it wasn`t big deal because they were just poor locals.

This is who Jordan Harbinger is supporting

24 Dec 2021

Daniel Dumbrill unveils the story behind a Uyghur man that IPAC is trying to prevent from being extradited to China How many names does he have? Why didn`t an IPAC country accept him from Turkey if he felt unsafe there? Was it because he was arrested multiple times? Or it wouldn`t have been as useful enough a story? What was he arrested for? Why aren`t you taking more Uyghurs from Turkey then?

19 Dec 2021

Ex-Al Qaeda Member discusses terrorism & China Daniel Dumbrill | In this episode I speak to a former Al Qaeda Salafist Jihadist from Egypt about global terrorism, what China is facing and get his opinions on China`s response.

00:00 Intro
02:52 Why Fouda Joined Al Qaeda
13:47 How Al Qaeda Recruited in Iraq
20:37 Leaving Al Qaeda
23:04 Uyghurs Who Drink
26:29 What Is ETIM
32:24 A More Important Man Than Bin Laden to Al Qaeda/ETIM
35:10 ETIM/ISIS/Al Qaeda in Syria
41:11 ISIS Praises ETIM
42:32 Salafist Jihadist Goals & Lack of Support for Palestinians
47:45 Terrorist Propaganda Recycled for Xinjiang
47:53 Destruction of Mosques
49:30 Salafist Jihadist Rally Call
54:27 Recycling Terrorist Propaganda
1:04:40 Justifying violence against non-Salafist Jihadists (incl. other Muslims)
1:09:21 Western Forces Boosting Salafist Jihadist Rally Call w/Propaganda
1:11:19 ETIM Praising ISIS
1:14:11 Salafist Jihadist Societal Goals for Xinjiang
1:20:53 Western Promotion of Old Salafist Jihadist Playbook
1:20:58 The West`s Master Plan For Xinjiang
1:27:41 Western Forces Blessing & Whitewashing ETIM
1:34:59 The West`s Disposable Salafist Jihadist Fighters
1:37:50 New ETIM Recruitment Drive & Video
1:48:06 Uyghur Child Soldiers
1:49:53 How Egypt Handles Extremist Influenced People
1:52:23 How Other Muslim Countries Handle Extremist Issues
1:57:33 Thoughts on China Approach To Extremism
2:03:06 How Syria Handled The Spread Of Extremism
2:09:06 What China`s Method Prevented
2:14:05 Why The US Wants Poverty To Return To Xinjiang
2:14:32 Creating Discontent In Xinjiang As A Terrorism Recruitment Tool
2:19:32 The Real Purpose Of Sanctions On Xinjiang
2:25:14 Sectarian Violence Strategies

18 Jun 2021

Guardians of the Galaxy Brains - Afghanistan War Apologists & New War Propagandists Daniel Dumbrill | In this episode I explore a strange crew of friends which include convicted criminals/fugitives, ex anti-war protesters & influencers promoted by war criminals trying to deploy a 2-for-1 propaganda campaign where they take American failures & war crimes and redirect them into a China fear mongering opportunity.

My first episode where I talk about war criminals promoting Youtubers like Laowhy86 can be found here: https://youtu.be/8DjOJPGJO1U Laowhy86`s bizarre Afganistan video: https://youtu.be/KOuoFYR95QM Belgian politician Raoul Hedebouw`s full brilliant speech: https://youtu.be/qqbrmqteFVs

28 Aug 2021

Guardians of the Galaxy Brains - pt.2 (Rebuttal Response) This is a quick follow up on my last Guardians of The Galaxy Brains episode to address a rebuttal put forth by Matthew Tye and Lewis Hand plus a look at Matt`s epic US Empire/War shilling video.

11 Sep 2021

Libya Destroyed & ETIM (Xinjiang Terrorism) Video Follow-up. Daniel Dumbrill | In this video I say a quick few words on my last video and the reaction plus share an additional video about Libya and why it was destroyed - a story very useful to understand as we explore the truth about what`s going on with Xinjiang.

30 May 2021

Manufacturing Narratives: Lessons from the Hong Kong Protests with Nury Vittachi Daniel Dumbrill | Nury Vittachi, a long time Hong Kong resident/journalist/author who describes his previous self as an anti-China journalist, discusses his book “The Other Side of the Story: A Secret War in Hong Kong” and speaks more about the 2019 protests, which completely changed his perspective on China, along with many other Hong Kongers as well. What unfolded in Hong Kong, how it was reported, the memory of those events and what is often left out serves as a valuable lesson about critical thinking and the sate of mainstream media.

You can buy Nury book here: https://amzn.to/3hYNNdR You can find Nury on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/NuryVittachi You can find Nury new news website here (and subscribe to his newsletter): https://www.fridayeveryday.com/ Friday Everyday YouTube channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9xrIBug1ccDOt1xdIVv2Vw

24 Sep 2021

MSM Shills - Sophie Williams, Kerry Allen & Their BBC Genocide Promotion Team Daniel Dumbrill | In this episode of Mainstream Media Shills I examine Sophie Williams and Kerry Allen from the BBC and show the twists and turns they make to slander anyone who challenges the mainstream media narratives that are designed to manufacture consent and make masses of people in the west indifferent to brutal sanctions and the genocides they repeatedly cause/excuse around the world.

13 Jul 2021

New Atrocity Consent Manufacturing Propaganda For America`s Next / Post-Afghanistan War Daniel Dumbrill | As America ramps down their Afghanistan war efforts (on paper) their preparations for the next conflict have been kicked into high-gear. Yesterday`s propaganda won`t cut it which is why we`re seeing innovative new methods to push fear mongering and pro-war propaganda unlike anything we`ve seen before.

The same kind of lies and deceit are involved this time around, but the recruits and delivery have undergone a makeover. Listen to find out more about what to look at for and how to prepare yourself to see through this new propaganda push.

In this video I also dig deeper into the specific lies told by the US government`s new propagandist being propped up by their government owned media outlets.

15 Aug 2021

New Zealand - Don`t Let Australia Bully or Brainwash You! Daniel Dumbrill | In this episode I talk about the inevitable ever increasing propaganda campaign that Australia and America will push on New Zealand in an attempt to brainwash your population into supporting their racist attack against China.

27 May 2021

News on China Reunion - Casual Chat on Quarantine Experiences Covid & Vaccines In this video I sit down for a casual chat & reunion with Tings Chak and Marco Fernandes from Dongsheng News & Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. We talk about our own personal quarantine experiences and briefly speak about the global vaccine situation and various pandemic measures around the globe.

17 Sep 2021

News On China Team Casual Livestream & AMA Today Tings and Marco join me in my brewpub where we`ve decided to fire up the camera and have a casual chat

24 Jul 2021

News on China – New Kids on The Block Chain Ep 10 Join us for a discussion with Tings Chak and Marco Fernandes from Dongsheng News & Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. We will discuss some of the most interesting China headlines from the past week.

14 Jun 2021

Reaction Video: Watching the 60 Minutes Australia Episode Daniel Dumbrill | In this video Carl Zha, Brian Berletic & Daniel Dumbrill watch and react to 60 Minutes Australia - War with China special.

Watch the original 60 Minutes video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA2KaEKs1LA 2016 Rand Corp Document: https://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/research_reports/RR1100/RR1140/RAND_RR1140.pdf

25 Sep 2021

Subboor`s Escape Plan & Winston Sterzel`s response/reaction In this video I provide a quick update on the debate I was supposed to have with Subboor plus some reactions from Winston Sterzel (SerpentZA) on my last video about his racist views.

03 Jun 2021

Tesla in China

30 Nov -0001

The Great America Firewall Endorses The Great China Firewall Daniel Dumbrill | The Great America Firewall Endorses The Great China Firewall

23 Jun 2021

The Military Industrial Complex & War Propaganda - Panel Excerpt Daniel Dumbrill | speech on the Military Industrial Complex & War Propaganda from “The Propaganda War Against China” panel organized by the Friends of Socialist China group.

21 Oct 2021

The Real Potential for a Future Genocide in Xinjiang Daniel Dumbrill | In this video I reveal some very important details regarding the potential for a real wide scale genocide in the Xinjiang region.

29 May 2021

Tursunay testimony

30 Nov -0001

US True South China Sea Ambitions Exposed In this video, Brian Berletic and Daniel Dumbrill discuss America`s true intentions in the South China Sea revealed in a slip up by retired US Airforce Colonel & current National Security and Cybersecurity expert Cedric Leighton, further corroborated by multiple US State Department funded reports.

23 Sep 2021

White Supremacists boosted by YouTube to spread Asian hate Daniel Dumbrill | Asian Hate crimes are on the rise around the world, as we begin to understand the kinds of hate speech that play into and encourage these terrible crimes, YouTubers like Winston Sterzel (SerpentZA) and Matthew Tye (Laowhy86) continue to to push their propaganda designed to convince you that China and it`s people are inferior to the West. These are the exact kind of foundational dehumanising efforts that clear a pathway for these conflicts to happen. Dehumanizing the Enemy is something that is used over and over as a tool to promote conflict and Dehumanizing always starts with language.

Combined across their channels, Winston and Matt have over 1.8 million subscribers. In this video I want to show you the kinds of things they push out to their audiences.

02 Jun 2021

Xinjiang Genocide Talk Daniel Dumbrill | An excerpt from the Pivot To Peace panel. In this video I speak about my recent trip to Xinjiang, the greater context of the Xinjiang "genocide" narrative, and the consequences for us all.

29 Jun 2021