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Drew Pavlou | 30 Nov -0001 | Unknown
MEDIA RELEASE: Due to recent death threats by Chinese Communist Party goons my Senate campaign has contracted the services of Brisbane bodybuilder Dr. Bruno Starrs PhD as a bodyguard.

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Alice Su on alleged vast system of surveillance, detention and cultural erasure In Xinjiang we found not only a vast system of surveillance, detention and cultural erasure, but also individuals who still dared to speak the truth, despite being trapped, threatened and afraid.

18 Dec 2020

Arsland Hidayat reports Gulzire Alwuqanqizi testifies at Uyghur Tribunal #Muslims defecated on QURAN in #China’s camps. Gulzire Alwuqanqizi testifies @TribunalUyghur

14 Sep 2021

Daniel Dumbrill unveils the story behind a Uyghur man that IPAC is trying to prevent from being extradited to China How many names does he have? Why didn`t an IPAC country accept him from Turkey if he felt unsafe there? Was it because he was arrested multiple times? Or it wouldn`t have been as useful enough a story? What was he arrested for? Why aren`t you taking more Uyghurs from Turkey then?

19 Dec 2021

Full Interview about Xinjiang issues with Isobel Cockerell Carl Zha | Full interview with Isobel Cockerell, a journalist from Coda story.

She wanted to talk to me about Uyghur situation in Xinjiang and my response to the allegations that I work for Chinese Propaganda and Influence Operation. I talked about my background and my takes.

08 Aug 2020

Silk and Steel Podcast Ep 71: Biking to Xinjiang with Jerry Grey Carl Zha | interviews Jerry Grey, an Australian living in China.

09 Aug 2020

Silk and Steel Podcast: Xinjiang and US anti-China policy Carl Zha | We discuss link between Xinjiang and Syrian War and US anti-China policy

26 Jun 2021

Tursunay testimony

30 Nov -0001

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