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Nathan Ruser`s Greatest Hits

abovetheclouds | 21 Feb 2021 | Unknown
Nathan Ruser's Greatest Hits

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Silk and Steel Podcast Ep 85 - Growing up Chinese Muslim in Australia with Temur Carl Zha | interviewed “Temur”, who goes by Twitter handle @steelmuslim, about growing up Chinese Muslim in Australia, media portrayal of China and growing Sinophboia Down Under, nefarious Aussie think tank ASPI

03 Dec 2020

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Adrian Zenz on IUDs in China fitted in Xinjiang It`s absolutely mindblowing that the claim by Adrian Zenz that "80% of new IUDs in China were fitted in XJ" is still repeated by the media. It`s been long debunked as a purposely misleading statistical sleight of hand.

16 Jun 2021