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Western Media Madness

Jerry Grey | 29 Jan 2022 | Self-funded
Western Media Madness

Jerry Grey | Take a look at any news headline referring to China in Western mainstream media (WMSM) these days and there will be some negativity.

Jerry provides multiple instances of main stream media negativity in reporting on China.

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"its impossible that I could know China as a nice place when it’s obviously so evil"

"We’re either lying being paid coerced or not even human we’re bots. Let me stress this isn’t something that happens from time to time; this is a daily occurrence; sometimes several times a day.I’ve travelled to literally hundreds of cities"

"I’ve had extended work contracts in places as diverse as Harbin in the frozen north"

"Hohhot in Inner Mongolia as well as the megacities of Beijing and Guangzhou."

"I’ve cycled over 30000 kilometres inside of China; including all the way to the Western border with Kazakhstan and the entire East Coast from Harbin almost to Hainan."

"“The Coming Collapse of China” the American writer Gordon Chang"

"an apocalyptic version of China’s murderous and evil world domination"

"Chinese people are just about to rise up in revolution"

"“The Chinese people like their Kazakh neighbors are ready to take to the streets as they feel the ill effects of Xi’s ‘reforms.’”"

"“China Coup: the great leap to freedom”"

"China is a country that defies every visitor’s expectation"

"Chinese people are wonderful but need saving from their evil government"

"ingrained in western perceptions"

"officious and authoritarian police"

"population bent over by the yolk of oppression"

"People are friendly and happy"

"China’s crime rate is very low"

"People can safely walk home"

"Gun crime is non-existent"

"you’re about 70 times more likely to be murdered when you go out for a jazz night than you are when you visit a Beijing night club"

"If we are to believe the BBC we will learn that this low crime rate is a bad thing!"

"It seems the “aggressive Chinese police” seizing 146000 illegal guns in 2018 is a terrible intrusion in China’s civil liberties"

"The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on the other hand isn’t just respected - its revered and loved"

"helping and saving people during national disasters"

"The Chinese army hasn’t invaded another country since 1979 and that was a three-week incursion into Vietnam."

"every day in media we see reports of China’s military aggression"

"largest force of United Nations peacekeepers in the world"

"In the last 40 years China has lifted more people out of absolute poverty than the rest of the world combined"

"giving of new homes to ethnic minority villagers who were “forced” to put photos of President Xi on the wall"

"unacceptable cost to society and consumers"


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