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  • China`s Performance in the Last DecadeWestern media is universally negative about Xi Jinping — not even close to being objective. Looking at the last decade, here are China’s top 10 tangible and substantive achievements during Xi Jinping’s administration so far. Of course, nobody is perfect and I will discuss some of the mistakes at the end.

    Xi`s achievements:
    • GDP more than doubled
    • China is still a manufacturing powerhouse
    • China’s extraordinary rise in high-tech industries
    • poverty alleviation
    • pollution reduction
    • international relations
    • resolving Hong Kong and Xinjiang
    • transportation
    • advancement in space
    • college education

    SL Kanthan, 23 Oct 2022, Substack, 0
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  • Silk and Steel Podcast Ep 101: History of Chinese Space ProgramCarl Zha | I talk to Gerard Gonzalez, a journalism student from Barcelona about the history of Chinese Space Program all the way from beginning starting from the father of Chinese Space Program Qian Xuesen journey thru US back to China

    Carl Zha, 10 Nov 2022, YouTube, 0
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