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Americas Populists Join in on Anti-China War Propaganda Brian Berletic | When consensus for war is reached on the left and right of American politics, the march toward inevitable war is rarely stopped. Watching Breaking Points - what many might have believed was “progressive left” in the United States - invite an adjunct fellow at an arms/oil/banking-funded think tank on to sell war with China is a warning sign of just how dangerously close the US is to reaching that “consensus.”

Brian Berletic 2021-10-17
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AUKUS: Australia-UK-US War Alliance Against China In this video Brian Berletic and Daniel Dumbrill discuss the AUKUS (Australia-UK-US) alliance against China.

Daniel Dumbrill 2021-09-19
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Is China a Threat to World Peace? Carl Zha vs Lyman Stone Debate Does China presents clear and present danger to World Peace which requires containment? I debated this topic with Lyman Stone, Adjunct Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Research Fellow at the Institute for Family Studies, and former International Economist at the US Department of Agriculture.

Carl Zha 2020-10-07
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US True South China Sea Ambitions Exposed In this video, Brian Berletic and Daniel Dumbrill discuss America`s true intentions in the South China Sea revealed in a slip up by retired US Airforce Colonel & current National Security and Cybersecurity expert Cedric Leighton, further corroborated by multiple US State Department funded reports.

Daniel Dumbrill 2021-09-23
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US War Propaganda vs China & the War it Seeks to Start with Daniel Dumbrill Daniel Dumbrill and Brian Berletic discuss the troubling escalation of anti-China propaganda, how it appears to fit into a general steering of the public toward a potential war with China, and how US policymakers and war planners have extensively prepared for a limited conflict aimed not at military conquest, but of China’s economic ruination.

Brian Berletic 0000-00-00
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