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China invades Taiwan Airspace? Calr Zha | Carl talks to Taiwanese Communist Rapper Xiangyu about the latest media frenzy over “China invading Taiwan airspace”. Laying down the facts, dispensing with BS.
Verified Twitter account of Taiwan Defense Ministry which tweeted out PLA flight path

Carl Zha 2021-10-07
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Inflection Ep16: Taiwan as America’s battering ram vs. China This week we talk about Taiwan, the Mainland, and how the US withdrawal from Afghanistan bodes for the government in Taipei.

We also discuss the recent “declaration of war” by the US-backed parallel government in Myanmar - the “National Unity Government” and how this conflict continues inching toward a Libya-style scenario.
Interview with Angelo Giuliano

Brian Berletic 0000-00-00
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My Appearance on Radio Sputnik Fault Line: PLA Fighter Jets Over Taiwan ADIZ Carl Zha | I talked to Radio Sputnik Fault Line, Jamarl Thomas about the latest PLA aircraft fly over Taiwan self declared Air Defense Identification Zone.

Carl Zha 2021-10-05
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US Marines in Taiwan: A De Facto US Occupation of Chinese Territory Brian Berletic |The Western media has “revealed” that US troops have been in Taiwan for over a year, secretly, and only being revealed now. In reality, this was already reported on a year ago - and also denied by the Pentagon - only to be finally confirmed a year later.

I explain how the Pentagon’s denial last year reveals just how provocative and dangerous this move by the US is and how it represents a de facto invasion and occupation of Chinese territory - according to the US State Department’s own stance regarding Taiwan within the “One China Policy.”

Brian Berletic 2021-10-08
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