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Xinjiang - alleged sterilisation

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Adrian Zenz on IUDs in China fitted in Xinjiang It`s absolutely mindblowing that the claim by Adrian Zenz that "80% of new IUDs in China were fitted in XJ" is still repeated by the media. It`s been long debunked as a purposely misleading statistical sleight of hand.

abovetheclouds 2021-06-16
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Adrian Zenz report on birth control in Xinjiang This is a thread to examine Adrian Zenz`s report on birth control in Xinjiang (XJ). He has complained that people attack his credibility rather than his work, so I will attempt to examine his analysis and claims on their merits.

Greyfox 2020-12-07
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Dr Asatar Bair refutes Zenz population claims The Uyghur population in fact rose; how can Zenz claim it fell?

Dr Asatar Bair 2021-06-15
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