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Xinjiang - Extremism, terrorism and deradicalisation

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Ex-Al Qaeda Member discusses terrorism & China Daniel Dumbrill | In this episode I speak to a former Al Qaeda Salafist Jihadist from Egypt about global terrorism, what China is facing and get his opinions on China`s response.

00:00 Intro
02:52 Why Fouda Joined Al Qaeda
13:47 How Al Qaeda Recruited in Iraq
20:37 Leaving Al Qaeda
23:04 Uyghurs Who Drink
26:29 What Is ETIM
32:24 A More Important Man Than Bin Laden to Al Qaeda/ETIM
35:10 ETIM/ISIS/Al Qaeda in Syria
41:11 ISIS Praises ETIM
42:32 Salafist Jihadist Goals & Lack of Support for Palestinians
47:45 Terrorist Propaganda Recycled for Xinjiang
47:53 Destruction of Mosques
49:30 Salafist Jihadist Rally Call
54:27 Recycling Terrorist Propaganda
1:04:40 Justifying violence against non-Salafist Jihadists (incl. other Muslims)
1:09:21 Western Forces Boosting Salafist Jihadist Rally Call w/Propaganda
1:11:19 ETIM Praising ISIS
1:14:11 Salafist Jihadist Societal Goals for Xinjiang
1:20:53 Western Promotion of Old Salafist Jihadist Playbook
1:20:58 The West`s Master Plan For Xinjiang
1:27:41 Western Forces Blessing & Whitewashing ETIM
1:34:59 The West`s Disposable Salafist Jihadist Fighters
1:37:50 New ETIM Recruitment Drive & Video
1:48:06 Uyghur Child Soldiers
1:49:53 How Egypt Handles Extremist Influenced People
1:52:23 How Other Muslim Countries Handle Extremist Issues
1:57:33 Thoughts on China Approach To Extremism
2:03:06 How Syria Handled The Spread Of Extremism
2:09:06 What China`s Method Prevented
2:14:05 Why The US Wants Poverty To Return To Xinjiang
2:14:32 Creating Discontent In Xinjiang As A Terrorism Recruitment Tool
2:19:32 The Real Purpose Of Sanctions On Xinjiang
2:25:14 Sectarian Violence Strategies

Daniel Dumbrill 2021-06-18
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Silk and Steel Podcast: Root of Xinjiang issues Carl Zha | We discuss the root of Xinjiang issues on Silk and Steel Podcast

Carl Zha 2021-06-21
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