After 100 years of humiliation under colonisation, China is asserting its rightful place in the world. The domination of the empires of the Anglosphere is declining, with a great deal of resentment from its primary actors – USA and the UK. The remainder of the Anglosphere is playing ‘lapdog’ to these empires, fawning over their leaders and going to war at their behest, regardless of cost.

Central to the panic from western countries is the emergence of more strident – and more absurd – propaganda to misdirect the attention of the public from their own decaying economies. Capitalism has failed, the worship of the market as some kind of deity has been shown to be a religious delusion and the inherent flaws of democracy and liberty have been exposed.

This blog attempts to expose the rise of western propaganda, but at the same time illustrate how it has become a symptom of a failing western social and political system.