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Alicia Kearns MP supports Telegraph article

Albert Zhang | 14 Oct 2021 | Unknown
Alicia Kearns MP supports Telegraph article

Absolutely support this - to counter China`s hostile belt and road initiative we must offer alternatives and strategic investment

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A critical look at Chinese ‘debt-trap diplomacy’ A critical look at Chinese ‘debt-trap diplomacy’: the rise of a meme Deborah Brautigam

In 2017, a meme was born in a think tank in northern India: Chinese ‘debt-trap diplomacy’. This meme quickly spread through the media, intelligence circles and Western governments. Within 12 months it generated nearly 2 million search results on Google in 0.52 seconds and was beginning to solidify into a deep historical truth. Stories can contain truths and falsehoods. Human emotions, including negativity bias, prime us to think in certain ways. This paper retells a series of stories about China’s international involvement, including in Angola, Djibouti, Sri Lanka and Venezuela, that challenge the media’s spin. It concludes with some suggestions about the relationship between academia and the media and policy worlds, and the need for scholars to speak ‘truth’ to ‘power’. 摘要 批判性看待中国’债务式陷阱外交’:一种文化病毒的兴起. Area Development and Policy. 2017年,’中国债务式陷阱外交’作为一种文化基因在印度北部地区的智库圈内兴起。这一文化基因迅速在媒体界,情报圈和西方政府之间流传。在12个月内,它在谷歌上仅用0.52秒就产生了将近200万个搜索结果,这种文化基因开始被当做是深刻的历史真相。流传的故事有可能包含真理、谎言和人类情感,同样也包含一些消极看法和偏见,这种现象引导我们开始以某种固有的方式进行思考。本文回顾了一系列关于中国在安哥拉,吉布提,斯里兰卡和委内瑞拉等国家参与国际事务的故事,这些故事推翻了西方媒体的报道。 文章最后对学术界,媒体界和政策界之间的关系提出建议,并且强调学者们对’权力’说出’真相’的必要性。

30 Oct 2019

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